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SINTEF + Linstow = Evidence-Based Innovation for Improved Public Health

Health-promoting urban development is an entirely new field with great potential to create better societies.“We applaud Linstow for taking the lead with an evidence-based approach," says Morten Dalsmo, Director of Customers and Market at SINTEF.

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Pioneering project in Nes municipality taking shape

Linstow and Nes municipality receive assistance from SINTEF to develop Runni into a pioneering project within health-promoting urban development. The goal is to create a good place to live – regardless of age and functional ability.

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Linstow strengthens health initiative

Linstow has appointed Camilla Rydberg as the new business developer for the focus area Health. The initiative currently encompasses health centers, promoting health through real estate development, and new forms of housing.

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Linstow strengthens for further growth

Linstow has several major development projects in both Norway and the Baltics, and now the organization is strengthening for further growth. The latest additions are Chief Group Accountant, Lejla Celjo Bye, and Group Controller, Sondre Rekdal Fiskerstrand.

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