Linstow AS is one of Norway's leading property companies.
The company owns, develops and manages real estate
in different segments in Norway and abroad.

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The Company

Linstow has a central ownership role in several major development projects in Norway, and we own and manage properties in several property segments, such as offices, heath, hotels, shopping centres and parking. A large part of our activities are located abroad, and in the Baltics we are a major player in the hotel, shopping centres and real estate development market through our company Linstow Baltic.

Linstow is a growing company and sees significant business opportunities in today's market. The company is in the initial phase of several interesting projects.

Linstow AS is wholly owned by Awilhelmsen AS, a privately owned investment company where Linstow is one of several business areas.

Urban development

Engagement in urban development projects is key to Linstow’s strategy. The company has achieved a position as a key player within urban development in major towns and cities in Norway and abroad.

As a leading property developer in the Baltic region, Linstow has valuable experience from work related to the preservation of cultural, architectural and environmental qualities, including through development redevelopment projects in Riga's old town. The company also has a lot of experience in Norway with the rebuilding and renovation of listed buildings.

Linstow’s portfolio in Oslo has included central and representative properties that require property development to be done in the optimal manner, accommodating the requirements of urban planning, and the technical, functional and aesthetic aspects.

Linstow played a key role in Bjørvika, which was Norway’s biggest urban development project in recent years. The development of Barcode has attracted international attention, and won several awards. Construction has now started in the area between Barcode and the fjord. The development of Bjørvika is an expression of modern urban culture and state-of-the-art building and construction focusing on eco-friendly solutions. Bjørvika represents one of Linstow’s biggest and most challenging engagements so far, and we exercise active ownership now through the development company Oslo S Utvikling AS (OSU). The project provides a unique opportunity to provide value for the city and for the owners. Linstow currently owns 50% of the company, with Entra ASA.

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Dunas Douradas

Best Development Europe - Bloomberg 2010, World Luxury Villa Resort 2020, World Luxury Hotel Resort 2020


Lawfirm Gunnarsjaa+Kolstad was awarded Houens fonds diploma in 2000

Jægers Brygge

Bergen Municipality Architecture Award

Statoilbygget på Fornebu

WAN Award 2012


Travelers' Choice - Tripadvisor 2020, World Spa & Welness Awards - Finalist 2018, Conde Nast Traveler Spa Award 2012 - Best Day Spa Overseas


The City Award 2013


Awarded the "largest shopping mall expansion" in Europe by the ICSC Global Award in 2016


The "Carve" has been awarded the European Property Awards in London


The MAD building was awarded the "Iconic Award" by the German design council "Der Rat für Formgebung" in 2014