Health is a long-term and highly-prioritised
focus area for Linstow.

Given our know-how and long experience within property development, we can help solve some of the new challenges our society faces, including those related to an ageing population.

Our focus on health covers projects within the main areas of health-promoting urban development, combined healthcare facilities and dwelling types. We also get involved in one-off projects with others.

Health-promoting urban development

Our ambition is to contribute to awareness of how health-promoting measures linked to urban development can contribute to a high quality, rich lifestyle for us all. Linstow is not only interested in what’s inside our buildings, but also the surrounding areas and the life that goes on there.

Our objective is to develop places and environments that are good to live, work and move in - regardless of peoples status or age, living alone or with others, young or old, healthy or disabled

Through our research project "Building health - helsefremmende stedsutvikling (health-promoting urban development)" - in partnership with SINTEF - we will develop new knowledge of how a place can be health-promoting in practice. Regarding the relationship between health and property in this way represents something totally new in the property sector.

By adopting a more comprehensive approach to the planning of buildings and their surroundings, integrating an understanding of what improves public health into the process, we can contribute to a healthier community.

Sjøparken Agnes - Larvik

Linstow owns 50% of the site of the old Agnes matchstick factory at Stavern in Larvik Municipality. We intended to develop at least 600 new and varied dwellings on the former industrial site, along with 50-80,000 m2 of commercial properties. The project has been named after the matchstick factory that used to stand here: Sjøparken Agnes.

We intend to apply the knowledge we already have to Sjøparken Agnes, along with what we gain from the partnership with SINTEF to develop a new, health-promoting district with dwellings, cultural facilities, catering, education and other commercial areas.

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Combined health center

Through combined health centers, natural hubs are created that make a wide range of health services more accessible to the inhabitants.

Linstow currently owns Romerike Helsebygg in Lillestrøm and is the largest owner in Helsehuset Fredrikstad. These are combined health centers where services from a wide range of different health actors are co-located.

Romerike Helsebygg in Lillestrøm is Norway's largest interdisciplinary health center with more than 800,000 visitors each year. The health building was opened in 2009 and is 20,000 square meters. Here, around 30 different health services are gathered under one roof, and almost 1,000 people have their daily workplace here. In Romerike health building you will find an emergency room, medical center, dental services, health station, blood bank, X-ray, orthopedic technology, physiotherapy, nutritional physiology, NAV, municipal emergency department and other contract specialists. In the building there is also a pharmacy and a nice cafe.

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Helsehuset Fredrikstad is a modern facility where a number of different health services are located under one roof to improve the health services for residents in the Fredrikstad area. Here you will find an emergency room, wellness center, Volvat Medical Center, rehabilitation department, pharmacy, emergency department, Unilabs X-ray, abuse clinic, Blood Bank, Capio Anorexia Center, hairdresser, dentist, ambulance, security company, coffee shop, cafe and canteen.

Helsehuset H2

ROOM for frivillighet

In 2018, "ROOM for Volunteering" was established as a health collaboration between the Akershus Red Cross, Lillestrøm municipality and Linstow. The idea behind the project is the joint use of common areas and premises that are vacant outside core hours, and that the volunteers can use these free of charge in their health-promoting, non-profit work.

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