Romerike Health Center

In 2011 Linstow AS acquired Romerike Health Center, located in Lillestrøm. It`s Norway`s largest health center offering various health related services.

Dampsagveien 2 - 6, Lillestrøm
31.500 m2
D (green)
Dampsagveien 2 037

Romerike Helsbygg is 31 500 sqm (incl. Parking) and provides premises for different health related companies. Romerike Helsebygg is designed especially for health businesses. The building has a wide variety of both public and private tenants, who can provide most of the services within the health sector. There are also many related services such as pharmacies, (NAV) and fitness.

The property is centrally located adjacent to the railway station in Lillestrøm.

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Property Manager

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Technical Manager

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