Damsgårdsveien 161 - 171, Laksevåg

The property Damsgårdsveien 161-171 in Bergen was taken over by Linstow in October 2018.

Damsgårdsveien 161 - 171, Bergen
15.700 m2
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The property is situated on Laksevåg, right Next to the city center in Bergen, and close to all main roads to the city.

The size of the land plots is approximately 14.000 sqm with a shoreline, high parking capacity and a magnificent view over the sea and the surroundings of Bergen.

The complex consists of a combination of office buildings and warehouse, approximately 15.700 sqm in total. The buildings were orginally built in 1986, 71 and 62 and refurbished later on.

The largest tenants of the property are Gearbulk, Bergen municipality and Egge Import.

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