Brubakkveien 16

Brubakkveien 16 is an industrial estate on 24 acres on the Hampton in Oslo.

Brubakkveien, Bydel Alna 16, Oslo
No. P-spaces
Brubakkveien 16 4 01

It is a short distance to Grorud Station and Østre Aker vei. The site is located within the "Grorud station area", which is designated as an area for future urban and hub development in long-term municipal plans.

The plot is long-term leased with Bussanlegg AS and used as bus set up and service area for buses. Linstow bought the property in 2012 as a long-term property investment and possible future development.

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Property Manager

Nina Sillibakken

+47 45 45 37 62 Send email
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Technical Manager

Henrik Nordnes

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