Early 2023, Linstow purchased an eight-acre plot of land from Nes Municipality. Together we will develop a pioneering project within health-promoting development.

Runnivegen 15 og 19 , Årnes
80.000 m2
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Nes municipal council decided to sell Runnivegen 15 and parts of Runnivegen 19 to Linstow. The municipality and Linstow share the vision of seeing health and property in context to create good quality of life and improve public health.

The population is ageing. Meeting these challenges requires increased interaction and innovation. It's all about thinking smarter when developing cities and places to ensure we promote health and social sustainability for all. The project in Runnivegen is an important pilot that can contribute solutions to challenges we are facing in the future.

Linstow and the municipality will develop the new area in close dialogue with users and other stakeholders. There will be a broad co-creation process moving forward.

The objective is to establish an overall plan for the area by the end of 2023.

The 30 care homes that the council will buy back from Linstow are scheduled for completion spring 2026. Infrastructure such as roads, water, sewers, and parks should be ready during the same period.

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