Expansion of Romerike Helsebygg

Romerike Helsebygg in Lillestrøm is Norway’s biggest polyclinic, with 1,000 staff and over 800,000 patients a year. The building is to be made twice as big.

Dampsagveien 2, Lillestrøm
40.000 m2
Oversiksbilde RHB Viken

Romerike Helsebygg is a living multi-discipline skills centre for healthcare. The building covers a floor area of 20,000 m2, housing 30 different health services under one roof from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

There is an out of hours service, medical centre, dental service, health station, blood bank, X-ray, orthopaedic clinic, physiotherapy, nutritional physiology, National Insurance office, community casualty unit and other specialist services there. There will also be a pharmacy and a cosy café.

We are now planning to double the floor area to 40,000 m2, to make room for even more healthcare services. Planned investment will be around NOK 500 million, with completion planned for 2024/2025.

A meeting place for everyone

With its plans for Romerike Helsebygg, Lindstow has created a healthcare building that will be simple and attractive for patients to visit, and an inspirational, creative place to work. The entire building, from its offices and public areas, to car parks and location, is custom-designed for the special, highly varied needs we know are required.

Its location in the centre of Lillestrøm is an important reason why it’s so popular. Lillestrøm lies at the centre of the Romerik region, 10 minutes from Oslo and about the same from Gardermoen airport. It stands close to the public transport hubs for buses and trains, with plenty of car parking outdoors and underground for patients arriving in their own car.

Healthcare in Focus

We believe that the healthcare industry will be one of the key drivers for innovation and technological progress in the future, and that there will be demand for even more polyclinics. Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges our society faces, and we need to transfer the knowledge gained from research to businesses and the public sector in a manner that allows innovation to take place in new ways to meet the demand.

Our objective with the planned expansion is therefore to be able to offer even more healthcare services room with us, within the healthcare services and industry, along with research, education and development.

We want Romerike Helsebygg to become a hub for a range of healthcare skills, facilitating the exchange of ideas and interfacing between businesses, the public sector, research and education in the region. Furthermore, we want to provide creative meeting places for private and public sector players working with user-oriented services, health-related research and the development of smart solutions for healthcare and welfare technology.

Contact us for more details on the expansion.

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