Jægers Brygge

Jægers Brygge was a housing project located at the beachfront of Breiviken, next to the Norwegian School of Management.

Breiviken 4, Bergen
8.800 m2
OPS5551 0

The project consisted of 74 apartments spread over 4 buildings over 6 levels, totaling approximately 8.800 sqm. The project was completed in 2002.

Jaeger Brygge has a unique and central location by the sea, and residents have a wide view over the fjord and the sea-passage entrance to Bergen.

The project was among the first to offer sustainable environmental and energy solutions, and got substantial publicity for the heating. Heat from a nearby sewage treatment plant is used to heat the apartments.

Jaeger Brygge received the architectural award for the City of Bergen in 2002.