Galleri Oslo Development

The new Galleri Oslo - Living and environmentally friendly - transformation. Inclusive urban spaces, open and safe.

Office / Residential
Tøyenbekken, Gamle Oslo 23, Oslo
109.000 m2
Galleri Oslo Perspektiv elverommet forside web

Our ambition is to change Galleri Oslo to become an attractive, vibrant and open urban area. Today, the buildings and the road system are perceived as barriers in the city. By establishing buildings and urban spaces that invite activity and social life, we want to help bind the urban areas together, and make Vaterland and Grønland an inclusive, sustainable and a safe part of the city.

Oslo's overall urban development strategy is based on concentration in junctions and areas close to public transport stations. Increasing the site's utilization, and facilitating more work places, service functions and housing in the Oslo S area, builds on this strategy. By facilitating the downsizing of the road system, prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists, opening the Akerselva and establishing new parks and urban spaces, the plan will contribute to make Oslo a greener city.

The "new" Galleri Oslo will be a sustainable project. The project will play an important role in meeting Oslo Municipality's ambitious climate and urban development goals. Social sustainability is sought to be attended to through, among other things, information, involvement and participation. We want to make this a community project, where we find good and lasting solutions that give something back to the city and the local community. Environmental sustainability is sought to be attended to through the choice of future-oriented climate-friendly solutions that reduce the climate footprint from the project, the choice of climate-friendly energy solutions and, as far as possible, an emphasis on circular solutions. An economically sustainable project / concept is important for the owners. Existing building with its activities represents a significant value that must be reflected in the framework of the new zoning plan.

We own Galleri Oslo Utvikling together with Oslo Areal, Viken Fylkeskommune and Viken Pensjonskasse. Read more about the development project here

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