Furuset Utvikling AS

New urban development project, Furuset, a suburb of Oslo

Trygve Lies plass 1, Oslo
75.000 m2
Fasade øst kveld Furuset

We are one of 3 partners who have joined forces for a major urban development project at Furuset. Linstow’s shareholding in Furuset Utvikling AS is 33.3%, and together with Lerka Eiendom and Wahl Eiendom AS, we are engaged in a major construction and upgrading project in the centre of Furuset in Oslo. Involving three properties and several surrounding sites, a considerable investment will be made in the area around the centre of Furuset. We are interested in complex urban development projects, and in partnership with acknowledged and trustworthy partners, will make Furuset into a more attractive place to be.

Furuset has been defined by Oslo Municipality as the ‘heart’ of the district of Alna, and Trygve Lies Plass is the hub for local inhabitants. The project has a strong ambition to contribute to the development of improving the area, and the work has already begun. An attractive new building is under construction, with a completion date of 1 January 2022, along with the major renovation of parts of the existing buildings covered by the project.

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Director Project and Development

Nikolai Jansen

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