The site is located in Nesodden Municipality area near Fagerstrand center, close to the Oslo fjord and other recreational areas.

Reineveien 63, Fagerstrand
35.000 m2

The plot has a total area of 94.000 sqm when, where 71.000 sqm is allocated for mixed purposes in the municipality plans. The plot is in the municipal provision for future residential / commercial / public / private service / outdoor area.

In addition to the nursery and small businesses, it is conceivable that the properties could accommodate something like 100-140 homes. The site is relatively flat, and it is suggested a varied typology, with a large number of available housing units in a "close-low" -typologi.

Linstow has hired advisors and potential partners in order to promote a comprehensive and sustainable plan for the regulation of the property in accordance with the municipality's interests.