Adamstuen - urban development

During 2022, Linstow acquired the former Veterinary College at Adamstuen, and started planning the urban development project for the vacated area.

Office / Residential
Ullevålsveien, Sankt Hanshaugen 76, Oslo
30.500 m2
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In 2021, the City of Oslo aquired three quarters of the property, after the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute relocated to the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås. Linstow acquired the remaining area, a property of just over 15 acres and with a building stock of approximately 30,000 square meters.

Our focus is to create an open and accessible area for the surrounding area and the population of Oslo city. It is no secret that the area lacks places to meet and socialize, so this will be highly prioritized in the development.

We envisage restaurants, art and culture arenas, fitness facilities and activities suitable for families. In addition, we will promote a health-promoting aspect, as well as sustainable solutions into this urban development project.

It will take several years before the area is fully developed. Hence, it`s essential to start as early as possible to open and activate the area. We would particularly like to include actors who can contribute to activities such as trade, dining, art, and culture.

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Director of Development

Terje Lorentzen

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Property Manager

Nina Sillibakken

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Project Director

Gunnar Fredriksen

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Marketing Manager

Camilla Eriksen Preus

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