Expansion of Romerike Health Center on consultation

The Lillestrøm Committee on Environment and Society has decided that the joint planning proposal from Linstow and Viken county to expand Romerike Health Center and establish a new bus terminal will be circulated for consultation.

24. August 2023
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The initiative implies an important urban development for the city center. Romerike Health Center, which is the country's largest combined health center, will expand by approximately 20,000 square meters.

- This is a unique opportunity to further develop the health center, while at the same time incorporating the public health perspective. We want this to be a place you go to not only when you need healthcare," says Hege Hidle Aaser, Director of Linstow Health.

New aesthetic expression
When the draft plan was considered in October 2022, they requested adjustments to the façade and better accessibility to the bus terminal, among other things.

- We have created a more appealing aesthetic expression. During this process, we have worked closely with the county council and administration. The politicians have also been able to their provide input. The current proposal will open a previous closed area and create a new urban environment around the public transport hub in Lillestrøm where the health center will be an attractive space for the entire population, says Terje Lorentzen, Director of Development at Linstow.

Accessibility and flood protection
The central location makes the health center easily accessible to everyone. Accessibility will be important for the entire design of the new buildings. Large parts of Lillestrøm city center are prone to flooding, and this has also been an important factor in the planning.

- Ever since the kick-off meeting in 2019, we have emphasized the importance of solid flood protection. This being particularly important since the health building houses key community services such as emergency rooms and ambulances, so we have solutions that will withstand a millennium flood, says Lorentzen.

The draft plan will now be circulated for consultation. A final zoning decision can take place during the first half of 2024, and construction could start in 2025.

Oversiksbilde RHB Viken
The objective is to create a new urban environment around the public transport hub in Lillestrøm, with the health center as an attractive site for the entire population. Foto: Nordic Office of Architecture