Announcing tender for the development of the old Veterinary College

Oslobygg and Linstow have developed common goals for a holistic development of the old Veterinary College. Experts are now invited to visualize how the area can be designed to meet these goals. When the proposals are submitted, there will be a wide-ranging stakeholder involvement.

25. September 2023
Skjermbilde 2023 09 20 kl 10 34 15

Oslobygg and Linstow each own a part of the old Veterinary College at Adamstuen. They have had a broad, joint effort to identify common objectives for the development of the area. This has resulted in an ambition document describing the area and the opportunities they want explored.

Competitive bidding
A tender is now being announced at Doffin to procure four parallel assignments from architects and consultants to highlight how the new urban area can be developed. The deadline for submitting tenders is end of October, and the selection of the four will take place by December. The proposals need to be submitted during April 2024.

The four teams will submit proposals for a comprehensive approach showcasing how the area can be developed to achieve the objectives. The proposals will be presented in a separate exhibition and will form the basis for a wide-ranging stakeholder involvement. The goal is to achieve an open dialogue prior to the formal planning process.

Oslobygg and Linstow emphasize four measures that will be particularly important for creating a warmer, greener, and more creative urban area: It must be developed into a health-promoting place, there must be synergies from multifunctionality, there must be cooperation and involvement to ensure a vibrant development and, not least, urban development must be sustainable.

Long-term and important commitment
The purchase of the old Veterinary College is one of the largest and most important investments that both Oslobygg and Linstow have made. Both parties are convinced that this, developed as a vibrant city, will be a unique new urban area for Oslo.

The transformation of the old Veterinary College has started and will continue for many years to come. Initially, it opens up the area and fills it with life. Long term, till 2040, the area will be developed with public services, new housing, jobs and services that will make this a vibrant urban area and the heart of the neighbourhood.

Foto: Statsbygg