Oslo New University College to relocate to Adamstuen

Oslo New University College (ONUC) has signed a lease agreement with Linstow for one of the buildings at the former Veterinary College at Adamstuen. Implying that as of January 2025 Campus Adamstuen with 1000 students will be a part of Oslo's most exciting urban development project.

30. January 2024
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- We are pleased to welcome Oslo New University College to Adamstuen! Here, we will develop a new, vibrant urban area that will be an asset for all the inhabitants of Oslo. The ambition is to contribute to making this a greener, warmer, and more creative area. One of several goals is to develop this as a creative, involving and learning place - and ONUC will be a strong contributor to realizing this, says Knut Løken, CEO of Linstow.

Linstow acquired a part of the former Veterinary College in 2022, and is collaborating with Oslobygg on a common, comprehensive zoning plan for the in total 70-acre lot. The property, which was previously closed to the public, has been opened and is now filled with life. Linstow has already signed lease agreements with an art studio, a fitness center, several offices, and a grocery store, and is currently in the process to establish new restaurants and meeting places.

Flexible and innovative pioneer

ONUC has been a pioneer in the development of flexible and innovative studies in Norway, and it has currently more than 3500 students - 1000 on campus and 2500 online learners. The school offers a wide range of studies; psychology and HR, nutrition and health sciences, business administration, digital marketing, as well as political science and international relations. ONUC will lease a building of just over 5300 square meters, which will be rehabilitated with the objective of recycling and reuse, to create modern facilities for the students as well as a distinct ONUC-identity.

- Campus Adamstuen is an exciting and important urban development project and the ambitions set for Adamstuen suits us perfectly. At Adamstuen we will have modern and flexible premises that facilitate a good learning and working environment for both students and employees, and we look forward to be a part of developing this area further, says Morten Danielsen, CEO of ONCU.

ONCU will move during November, to be ready for students to start in January 2025.

The transformation of the former Veterinary College will continue for many years to come. By 2040, the area will be developed with public services, new housing and a vibrant urban space with trade, eateries and meeting places that will make it the heart of the neighborhood.

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