New sales phase at Sjøparken Stavern

10. September 2021

We are launching a new sales phase with 16 high-spec apartments on island no. 3 at Sjøparken Stavern.

The building have a fantastic location close to the sea, with views across the sea, fjord and canals. There is immediate access to boating, bathing, canal life and outstanding open air areas, including rock faces, woodland, trails and coastal paths. Owners can choose their view looking out to sea and the Svenner lighthouse, or a calm, sheltered existence along the canals threading through Sjøparken.

1629886128 2403 4 Sjoparken 20 Svalgang 02

As elsewhere in Sjøparken, we offer exciting architecture, drawing its inspiration from industrial history and Italian seaside towns, with colourful buildings built on a human scale. The apartments are light, benefiting from sun all day long, and are available with a terrace overlooking the canals, and with a large roof garden for evening sun. The apartments vary from 40 m2 for 2-room, to 150 m2 for 5-room.

1629186452 2403 4 Sjoparken 12 3 C35 Takterasse 02

For more information about the project and to find your new apartment please visit

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