Linstow and Oslobygg KF to develop the former Veterinary College

Linstow and Oslobygg will collaborate to open the area up and create activity that will be a positive addition to the neighborhood.

2. January 2023

Oslobygg KF acquired just over 50 acres of the former Veterinary College site in December 2021. Linstow AS acquired the remaining part of the plot in November 2022. The two owners have also bought separate parts of buildings 13 and 15/16.

In the short term, Linstow and Oslobygg will focus on creating a new plan for logistics and upgrading lighting and outdoor areas. In the longer term, the aim is to develop a joint development plan for the area that is flexible enough to accommodate for both social infrastructure and municipal buildings, as well as a multifunctional urban and residential area.

When the nearby Ullevål Hospital eventually relocate, the area of the former Veterinary College will be connecting the the St. Hanshaugen district to the Ullevål district.

Linstow AS has acquired the property to the left, marked with red building numbers, Oslobygg has acquired the property to the right

Linstow and Oslobygg have defined the following goals for the development:

  1. Cooperation as a basis for knowledge-based development we can be proud of
  2. Innovative and sustainable urban development
  3. Development that are able to meet (changing) needs over time
  4. Participation and interaction as a working method