Linstow increases ownership in Bergen Business Park

Linstow has acquired the properties Expo and Midtbygget in Bergen Business Park from the 50-50-owned company Bergen Airport Utvikling (BLU). Linstow and Flesland Holding will continue to collaborate on the development of the remaining part of the business park through BLU.

2. February 2024
Fasade Midtbygget fra torg

- BLU's strategy is to develop property and sell when completed. Linstow is committed to long-term ownership, hence property management is a key expertise for us. It was therefore natural for us to buy the completed and soon fully leased office properties, in order to realize the vision we have for Bergen Business Park as an office environment with a high-quality service offering. The cooperation with Flesland Holding continues as today within the remaining part of the business park, says Knut Løken, CEO of Linstow.

The transaction comprises of two office properties, Expo and Midtbygget, each of 5,500 square meters, as well as an adjacent site for the development of a new office building of 7,000 square meters. In 2017 Linstow acquired Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport, after it was completed as the first property in the business park.

- We are very pleased that Linstow has acquired the properties we have developed through BLU. They have a high level of property management expertise and it is natural that they take over now as the first part of the business park has entered an operational phase. We look forward to continuing the development with Linstow in Bergen Business Park, says Rune Skarveland, Chairman of the Board of Flesland Holding.

Bergen Business Park is located next door to Bergen Airport Flesland and is gaining a position as an attractive business cluster in the Bergen region. Sustainable, modern office spaces have attracted several interesting companies.

- We are well positioned to further develop Bergen Business Park as an attractive hub for knowledge-based workplaces. The location, close to both the airport and the city rail, means that the business park plays an important role in developing a sustainable hub, says Løken.

BLU was established in 2012, in order to develop the 133-acre area by the airport - into Bergen Business Park. The area can be developed with up to 187. 000 square meters of commercial space.