Kvadraturen: Linstow has signed an agreement with AF Gruppen

A partnering agreement has been established between Linstow AS and AF Gruppen for the development and rehabilitation of Tollbugata 32 and Akersgata 13/15.

22. March 2023
Illustrasjon AGTG

The joint project will link and transform the existing buildings into a completely renovated office building of around 16,000 square meters. The office space will attract companies seeking the best work environment for their employees, including a central downtown location and exciting range of dining concepts. We aim gather businesses that through their work will contribute to develop the historic Kvadraturen area.

"It has been important for us to partner with a contractor with the right experience and expertise to handle the complexity of the project," says Gunnar Fredriksen, project director at Linstow AS.

"The collaboration will start Spring 2023 and is scheduled for completion during Autumn 2023," says Fredriksen. - AF Gruppen has offered a highly qualified team with a solid experience within large and complex rehabilitation projects, and with partnering as the model for implementation. We are confident that AF Gruppen has the expertise and implementation capacity we need for this project and look forward to starting the collaboration.

Team Tol Aker 2
From the left: Fabian Eggum (AF), Gunnar Fredriksen (LE), Vegard Bjoland AF), Runa Barli (LE), Birger Kristiansen (AF)

With a broad and strong interdisciplinary team consisting of the Lund+Slaatto Architects, Akershus Eiendom on concept and rental, and an active owner, the work is already well underway, and the team is now further strengthened by getting AF Gruppen on board for the partnering phase of the project.

Linstow has included Oslo Sentrum Holding AS (OSH) as the owner of the project, where Linstow owns 60% and OSH owns 40%. OSH is an investment company set up by Clarksons Project Finance AS.

Contact person: Project Director Gunnar Fredriksen
952 50 662 // gunnar.fredriksen@l@linstow.no