Establishes a pioneering project in Nes municipality

Linstow has acquired 12 acres of land from Nes municipality. Together we will develop a pioneering project within health-promoting development. There will be an open and involving process to secure public participation in the planning and development of the new area.

19. April 2023
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Tuesday April 18th, Nes municipal council decided to sell Runnivegen 15 and parts of Runnivegen 19 to Linstow for NOK 40 million.

- We will facilitate a process to secure public participation in the development, says Mayor Grete Sjøli.

Linstow will pay infrastructure for NOK 30 million. The council will buy back 30 care properties, scheduled for completion in spring 2026.

- Nes is a pioneering municipality that thinks holistically and sees the potential in cooperation. We share their vision of seeing health and property in context to create a good quality of life and improve public health. This is an important pioneering project that can develop solutions to challenges of the future, says Hege Hidle Aaser, director of Linstow Health.

Health-promoting development

Linstow is an experienced developer of attractive buildings, communities, and destinations. Health is a strategic focus area for the company. Hence, Runnivegen will be an important project.

- Buildings and places affect us through all phases of life. The population is ageing and there is an increase in life expectancy. Meeting these challenges requires increased interaction and innovation. It's all about thinking smarter when developing cities and towns to ensure we promote health and social sustainability for all. In this project, together with Nes municipality, we will do just that," says Hidle Aaser.

Linstow and the municipality will develop the new area through a broad co-creation process – involving users and other interest groups.

- We have high ambitions for the development of this area, and Linstow has the expertise and experience to realize this, says municipal director Jon Sverre Bråthen.

The aim is to establish an overall plan for the area this autumn to ensure that the 30 care properties will be ready by spring 2026. Infrastructure such as roads, water, sewage, and green spaces will be completed within in the same time frame.

Award-winning Danish architect
The award-winning Danish architectural firm, NORD Architects, will develop the overall plan for the area and design the 30 care properties. The firm is known for designing, among other things, urban development projects, ecovillages, dementia villages and communities.

- Linstow is committed to create solutions where people and the environment are at the center. In this project, different building types and living arrangements will form a holistic and inclusive environment. NORD Architects is the perfect partner for this. They draw on solid experience from health-promoting site development and have architectural solutions that will help put Nes municipality on the map," says Hidle Aaser.