Bergen Business Park is filling up!

19. January 2023

The engineering company Head Energy have signed a contract for the lease of modern office premises in Bergen Business Park. The company will move in to their new offices in September.

Focus on energy efficiency and growth

In the search for new office premises, Head Energy was looking for something close to the city centre, however, they changed their minds as soon as they got a closer look at Bergen Business Park.

“The total package was simply too good. For us, it has been important to find environmentally sound, energy-efficient buildings that are certified to the highest standard. Bergen Business Park is precisely this. In addition, the premises are new and modern, and the service offer is incredibly good with additional meeting rooms, a restaurant, and a fitness centre at the hotel next door”, says Preben Andre Onarheim, COO of Head Energy.

“We have placed great emphasis on the fact that the new premises will provide a good framework for the further growth we foresee in the coming years. Here we can take care of our different professional environments, while at the same time, we get to develop our good culture and identity at a location that has great social meeting places”, adds Onarheim.

M Wanvik Head L1230942 mindre
Preben Andre Onarheim, COO i Head Energy, photo: Morten Wanvik

A powerhouse for business in Western Norway

The fact that Head Energy were looking for an office environment where the conditions for growth and development were the best possible, is good news for the General Manager of Bergen Lufthavn Utvikling AS, Terje Lorentzen:

“Nothing is better than when tenant and landlord have the same ambitions. Bergen Business Park is a development project that has met challenges during the pandemic, but now we are looking forward to seeing the contours of the business park we have established here”.

“In Bergen Business Park, there is a short distance between the so-called knowledge companies, which are strategically located with Flesland, the most important hub of the Bergen region and Western Norway, as its closest neighbour. Everything is set for growth here, and now that the two buildings Midtbygget and Expobygget are almost fully let, we want to take the project a step further. Cluster formations is something we will continue with, both in the further planning of a third office building called Veksthuset and in the development of other buildings in the business park”, concludes Lorentzen.

Read more about Bergen Business Park and Veksthuset, here.

Bbp forside

Bergen Business Park is located right next to Bergen Airport Flesland and the Bybanen. The project is a collaboration between Linstow AS and Flesland Holding AS.

The business park currently consists of the two completed buildings Expobygget and Midtbygget, as well as Veksthuset, which is in the planning phase. Additional 157,000 square meters of regulated area is being planned.

As part of the business park, you will find the Comfort Bergen Airport hotel with conference facilities, a restaurant, and a fitness centre.